Why does my LG TV keep restarting apps

For people who like nice screen resolution and more advanced features, the LG TV has always been a choice.

LG is known for making great electronic products. However, some users of this brand’s TVs do have issues regarding their performances.

Among the common performance issues LG smart TVs have include the display of messages like “This app will now restart to free up more memory”.

Why is that? Errors like this may occur for different reasons.

You need to have this in mind, the storage capacity of your smart TV can’t be compared to what comes with your PC or laptop. A smart TV has lower resources and memory.

Most modern smart TVs come with Pandora, Netflix, and Hulu. This content delivery systems are quick to fill up the low memory available with time. The easiest way to fix this problem is to first turn off your LG TV. Turn it on after few seconds. All opened apps will be closed.

This article shows you how to fix this performance issues as well as other related challenges you may be having with your LG smart TV. Keep reading.

Why does my LG TV keep restarting to free up memory?

Your LG TV keeps restarting to free up memory for different reasons. One, it’s memory could have been filled up. Two, some extra apps unused may be filling too much space. There could be other reasons for this error.

Having extra apps in your TV may disturb the performance of it and may keep seeing the message “this app will now restart to free up more memory” on the screen of your TV.

The memory of this TV might have been clogged. The best way to fix this it to examine all your installed apps. Simply delete apps you don’t use often. Also go to the WebOs of your LG TV to delete the settings of these apps. This should clear the memory.

If the above method won’t fix the problem, you can reboot your TV. This is simple enough. Just reboot your TV.

First unplug your LG TV for 10 seconds before you reboot it. Wait for like 25 seconds before reconnecting it back to the power source when it has been switched off. Turn it on and the issue should be fixed.

Another method to use when tackling app issue like this it to clear up background space. This is essential if you just downloaded a recent app before the error surfaced. This may be the case if you use a LG TV.

The new app you downloaded may be responsible for configuration problems. Another thing is that it could make the background space of your TV to be quickly filled. Solution: uninstall the new app, and restart your LG TV.

Why are my apps not working on my LG Smart TV?

The apps of your LG TV may stop working as a result of different things. Different types of apps can be installed on most LG smart TVs, ranging from video apps to new streaming apps.

Whenever app issues occurs when the TV is in use, it could be that your TV couldn’t properly install a previous app you downloaded.

Below are few solution to fix the issue:

1. Identify and fix apps that won’t run:

This is a common issue – the inability of certain app to run when installed. If the Netflix or YouTube on your smart TV couldn’t run, that’s an example. Fix this issue by doing the following:

  • Check the Network Connections: An issue with your network may hinder the apps in the LG Content Store from running. Check your network connection and fix it. If the network is fine, then you can simply install the defective app before reinstalling.
  • Examine Region Settings: Not all apps work with all regions, there is limitation regarding location in some cases. If the app isn’t for your region then it won’t run on your LG Smart TV. Apps like YouTube and Netflix may not function in every location. Always check the settings for region.

2. Fixing apps recently installed:

Some previously installed apps may have errors. Having access to the Content Store of your LG TV maybe be a challenge. And any new apps you installed should also run fine.

However, should a previously installed app refuse to run, maybe the app needs an update for your gadget. An updated app don’t often give errors that will prevent it from running.

Always make sure that the apps on your smart TV is up to date. This offers the new features, functionality, and security of the any app.

How do you fix this app will restart to free up memory?

Do you hate to constantly see “App will reset to free up memory” on your TV screen in the midst of watching an interesting movie? This can be very annoying. But what causes this and how best can this performance issue be fixed?

If the apps in your smart TV is too much, this error may occur. Too many apps may cause the memory to clog. First examine your current apps. Then eliminate those ones you don’t use often.

Still not working? Then you need to practically free up your smart TV’s memory. How do you do that? It’s simple. Turn off your smart TV. Now turn it on again. By now, the system’s memory should be cleared. This simple action closes all opened apps thereby cleaning all data previously stored.

Will rebooting my LG Smart TV help resolve this problem ? How to reboot

If all the methods previously discussed above won’t fix the app malfunction on your LG Smart TV, then a reboot may be the last resort.

You can run a Factory Reset test on your TV. This action deletes all settings and data previously stored on the LG TV – Google account, login information, settings for wireless network, and others. All apps previously installed will also be deleted.

To reboot your TV, you don’t need to unplug in other to reboot it. Simply press and hold the volume button, together with the power button – wait until the reboot process begins. Follot the instructions that pop up. It’s that simple.

Will deleting an app on my LG Smart TV help? how to delete app

Deleting an app on your LG Smart TV helps you fix different issues, especially app-relating issues. Whenever an app won’t run.

It’s either you delete it or you find a way to update it. The internal storage capacity of smart TVs is low, there is no point in keeping unused apps.

To delete app on most LG TVs is quite simple, compared to Sony and Samsung.

If you want to delete some unwanted apps on your LG TV, just press the Up Arrow button, choose the “X” on the file of the app to be deleted. Tap the “X” as soon as it’s highlighted.

How do I free up memory on my LG Smart TV?

You need to free up memory on your LG Smart TV whenever it’s filled up. This is essential if you don’t want your device to slow down in performance.

Also, see a message like “Free up memory…” repeatedly popping up on the screen of your TV can be frustrating.

Every once in a while, performance maintenance tasks on your TV is important. For example whenever you clear the cache and cookies of the apps on your smart TV, it works better. This simple act also fixes other possible issues that it may be having.

To clean up the cache and cookies on your TV, simply press the Home button on the remote. Select the app to clean up. Clear the cache and cookies or just delete the app. To delete an app, tap the X symbol on the app’s file.

How do I restart my LG TV app?

To restart your LG TV app is very simple. The reasons you may want to take this action could be as a result of an app’s inability to run probably.

One way to fix this problem is to restart your TV. First unplug your TV. Next, press and hold the Power button for ten seconds. Now you need to wait for another twenty seconds before you plug the TV. Turn it on. The apps on your LG TV should now be free of error.

To restart or reset an app on your LG Smart TV, head to the Home screen. Find the Apps icon. Select “Settings”, then choose “App Manager”. Now tap the Menu icon. Tap on the”Reset” option preference, and final select “Reset Apps”. That’s it.

How do I do a hard reset on my LG TV?

You can do a hard reset on your LG TV whenever you tried several methods to fix an issue, whether a memory issue or error in an app. And it’s very simple to do.

On your TV’s remote, just press the Smart button. Next, select the Gear icon by the top-right corner. Choose “General”, then select the option “Reset to Initial Settings”. That’s it.

Here is another method. Still on the remote of your LG TV, press and hold the OK button and TV panel (hold together for 10 seconds) untill the TV begins the Factory Reset process. On your screen, a box for your four-digit password pops up. Input the LG Service menu pin codes. Next, press the OK button. Wait for the hard reset process to complete.

How do I stop my LG TV from restarting apps?

Press the Home/Smart button on your remote to bring up your launcher. Select Settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen..

Apps icon. Settings. Application manager. ..

Tap an app from the list..

Tap. Force stop. ..

From the Force stop? prompt, tap. OK. ..

Why does my LG TV keep restarting?

A TV that intermittently powers on or off is usually caused by the timer setting. With a TV that has a removable power cord, check whether power cord is securely plugged into the back of the TV. Check if the TV power cord is securely plugged into the wall outlet or the power bar.

How do I clear the cache on my LG Smart TV?

Clear All Cached Data.

From a Home screen, navigate: Apps icon. Settings. Storage & USB. (Device section)..

If applicable, tap. Internal storage. from the Device storage section..

Tap. Cached data. ..

Review the notification then tap. OK. to confirm..

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