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Google has spent the last decade trying to get messaging right, but it seems its dedication to RCS is finally paying off. Its Messages app has gotten really good lately, picking up end-to-end encryption and starred messages just this past week. It seems that another long-awaited tool is finally coming to Google’s messaging service, as pinned conversations are appearing for users in the app.


Evidence of pinned threads started to appear in the Messages APK last month, alongside the ability to save a received topic for later retrieval. Google officially unveiled starred messages earlier this week as part of its summer Android update, but there was no word on when pinned conversations would appear. However, as spotted by XDA-Developers, some lucky users have the option to pin when pressing and holding onto a thread. Once a message is pinned, it’ll stay locked to the top of your inbox, above all of your other less-important conversations.

The conversation or room will move to the top of the Chat or Rooms list. It will also display a pin icon on the right.

To remove a pin, click the three-dot menu icon again and choose “Unpin” from the menu. The pin icon will be removed, and the conversation or room will return to its original spot in the list.

Pin from within a Conversation or Room Online

Another option for pinning a conversation or room is to do it from within the communications window. If you have a conversation or room open in the small window, click the three-dot menu icon and choose “Pin.”

If you have the conversation or room in full view, click the arrow at the top next to the name(s) and choose “Pin.”

To unpin a conversation or room in either view, follow the same steps and pick “Unpin.”

Pin Conversations in the Google Chat Mobile App

The process for pinning conversations and rooms in the mobile app is just as simple, and the steps should work the same for Google Chat on Android as they do for Google Chat on iPhone and iPad.

Tap and hold a conversation or room and choose “Pin” from the menu.

The conversation or room will move to a Pinned section at the top.

To remove a pin, tap, hold, and choose “Unpin” from the menu.

Pin from within a Conversation or Room on Mobile

If you have a conversation or room in full view on your screen, tap the arrow at the top next to the name(s) and choose “Pin.”

To remove a pin, tap the arrow and choose “Unpin.”

If you pin a conversation or room in any of the above locations, your pin will sync with the others. For instance, you can pin a conversation on the Google Chat website and that same conversation will be pinned in the mobile app. Unpinning conversations or rooms works the same.

So you can finally keep your important communications at the top of the list in Google Chat, just like you can by pinning texts in Messages on iPhone and iPad.

Why are messages pinned?

Pinned messages allow users to highlight important messages, make announcements, or temporarily promote content. Pinning a message is, by default, restricted to certain user roles, but this is flexible. Each channel can have multiple pinned messages and these can be created or updated with or without an expiration.

What does a red dot mean on Google chats?

Google Chat
You can manage your chat settings via your mail settings on the “Chat” tab. A green status icon means the person is available to chat, yellow means the person is away from the computer, and red means the person is busy or does not want to be disrupted.

How do I unpin a message in Gmail?

To pin or unpin a chat or space, choose an option:.

Swipe right on the space name or conversation..

Tap and hold the space name or conversation. tap Pin or Unpin..

How do you pin someone on Google messages?

Here’s how to do it..

Open Google Messages..

Find a conversation you want to pin to the top of the app..

Tap and hold the conversation to reveal the top menu bar..

Select the Pin icon at the top..

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