How to apply a formula to entire column in Excel in Android?

This article will explore how Android users can perform essential Excel functions and calculations directly from their mobile phones.

Tips for Using Excel on an Android Phone

Working with Excel on Android phones is a convenient alternative to toting around a laptop. However, getting the hang of using spreadsheets on a mobile device can take practice. The following tips are for those on the go who need to access or manipulate a spreadsheet on their Android device:

  • Typing: A great starting point to using Excel on an Android phone is learning to type. To type, go to the “Formula” bar, type numbers or text, then click on the check mark. Another option is to double-click a cell in order to start typing.
  • Entering a formula: To start a formula, click on the “fx” button. This will take you to Excel’s function library. Then, tap a function and enter the rest of the formula.
  • Clearing a cell: If you want to delete the contents of a cell, tap in that cell, then select “Clear.”
  • Moving a column: When you need to move a column in Excel on an Android phone, click on a column header. Then, click it again and hold, and drag it to the desired location.
  • Quickly adding numbers: AutoSum is a great resource for Android users who want to quickly add numbers in a column or row of numbers. If you want to add numbers, click and drag the desired cells from a column or row. Then, select “Formulas > AutoSum > Sum,” which will show the total at the end of the column or row. 
  • Using Filters to Sort Data: Organizing data is a must in Excel, no matter what type of device you’re using to run the app. On Android phones, data that has to be organized can be sorted with filters. Filters provide a way to place data in either numerical or alphabetical order. If you want to display the Filter buttons, select “Home > Filter > Show Filter Buttons.” This will cause the Filter buttons to show up on the spreadsheet’s top row. You can then choose any Filter button to organize the desired column of data.
  • Drawing on a spreadsheet: You can use the touchscreen on your Android phone to draw directly on an Excel spreadsheet with just a few finger swipes. This is a useful feature for distinguishing a portion of the data from the rest of the spreadsheet. To draw on a worksheet in Excel, go to “Draw > Draw with Mouse or Touch.” You will then choose a color as well as a thickness. Once you’ve made your desired selection, click on the spreadsheet to drag and draw.
  • Using your camera: If you want to place a picture directly into an Excel worksheet, you can do so right from your Android phone’s camera. Begin by tapping on the place in the worksheet where you’d like to insert the image. Then, select “Insert > Pictures > Camera.” You can take a photo, select “OK,” and watch it appear on the worksheet. If you’d like to crop or resize the image or add effects or styles to it, you can do so via the “Pictures” tab. 
  • Sharing a Workbook: When working on group projects, it’s often necessary to allow others to view or edit your workbook in Excel. Sharing it provides an easy way for multiple users to have access to your work. To share a workbook, select “Share,” then type the email addresses of anyone with whom you’d like to share the workbook. You can share it as a link (in an email or inserted into OneNote) or an attachment (which can be shared as a PDF or Excel workbook file).
  • Switching between keyboards: Some Excel users prefer working with a numeric keypad when using this app. Luckily, it’s also available on the mobile app. By using the “Switch” button, you can go back and forth from the normal qwerty keyboard to the numeric keyboard.
  • Finding & Replacing: Just like on the desktop Excel app, one of the most-used features for those who work with spreadsheets is the “Find & Replace” feature. Android users can also use this feature by selecting the “Home” tab, then “Find” from the bottom of the list. Once it’s open, a search bar will appear on the top of the screen, into which text or numbers can be entered. Excel will then locate the desired information. Or, if you’d rather replace a value, go to the “Option” on the lefthand-side gear icon, then choose “Replace.”
  • Adding comments to cells: It’s easy to add a comment to an Excel cell when working on an Android phone. Select which cell you’d like to place a comment in, then go to the “Review” tab. Choose “Comment” from the drop-down menu. The color red will be used on the top-right edge of the cells you have added comments to as a visual indicator.
  • Creating a hyperlink: For Excel users who need to add hyperlinks to spreadsheets, there’s an easy way to do so on Android devices. Links can be added to the cells of already existing worksheets or workbooks by going to the “Insert” tab, then selecting “Link.” From there, you enter the name of the address and click on “Done.” 

Those who are interested in using Microsoft Excel on an Android phone can do so thanks to a free download from Google Play.

Get Started Learning Excel with Hands-On Classes

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How do I automatically apply a formula to an entire column in Excel?

Fill formulas into adjacent cells.

Select the cell with the formula and the adjacent cells you want to fill..

Click Home > Fill, and choose either Down, Right, Up, or Left. Keyboard shortcut: You can also press Ctrl+D to fill the formula down in a column, or Ctrl+R to fill the formula to the right in a row..

How do you auto fill on Excel with Android?

In a column or row, enter text, numbers, or dates in at least two cells next to each other. To highlight your cells, drag the corner over the cells you’ve filled in and the cells you want to autofill. Autofill. If you don’t see Autofill, first tap More .

How do I copy and paste a formula in Excel Android?

Copy and paste data.

Copy data from one set of cells to another. Select both the range containing the data that you want to copy and the adjacent destination cells. Tap Edit > Fill. … .

Paste only formulas, values, or other options. Select the cells that you want to copy. Tap and hold the selected area, and tap Copy..

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