How do you block someones page on Facebook?

If some people are causing trouble on your Facebook Page, this can be the easiest & fastest method to prevent them.

What does Blocking do?

Blocking a person means they cannot see your page or interact with your page. Essentially making them invisible to you and your page.

Just as you can block people on Facebook, you can also block specific pages and Facebook apps. Here’s how to block pages and apps in a web browser.

  1. Go to, select the down-arrow in the upper-right corner, then select Settings & Privacy.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Select Blocking in the left menu.

    Select Privacy to adjust your privacy settings and prevent others from finding your Facebook profile.

  4. Scroll down to Block apps and start typing the name of the app you want to block. Select it when it appears in the drop-down menu.

  5. Under Block Pages, start typing the name of the page you want to block, then select it from the drop-down menu.

    You can’t block event pages or group pages via your Facebook settings, only company/organization pages.

  6. To unblock a page, go back to your Blocking settings and select Unblock next to the page.

If you just don’t want to see someone’s updates on your news feed, you can snooze or unfollow friends on Facebook. Any settings changes you make will transfer over to the Facebook mobile app.

How to Block a Page in the Facebook Mobile App

You can’t block organizations or apps in the Facebook mobile app, but you can block people. Go to the profile you want to block and tap the three dots below their name, tap Block, then tap Block again.

Why Block Pages on Facebook?

When you block an app, person, or organization profile, you’ll no longer see updates from them on your timeline. They won’t even appear in your searches.

If you’re tired of seeing advertisements for a specific business, or you keep getting updates from a former employer, you can block the company’s profile on Facebook. Blocking Facebook apps can be helpful if you’re trying to break an addiction to a game or service.

Block Facebook Group and Event Pages

Blocking Facebook groups and event pages requires a little more effort. You can block web pages through your web browser or using parental control software. Event and group updates may still show up in your timeline, so you’ll want to leave the group or remove yourself from the event.

Can you block someone’s business page on Facebook?

Tap in the top right of a post by the person you want to ban. Tap Ban From Page then tap OK. Tap in the top right of Facebook. Tap Pages.

How do I block a business page on Facebook 2022?

What to Know.

In a browser, go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Blocking and enter the person, page, or app you want to block in the appropriate field..

When you block people, pages, or apps, you’ll no longer see them in your timeline or searches..

How can I block someone page?

Go to your Page and tap More. Tap Settings. Tap People and Other Pages then tap People Who Like This Page. Tap Ban next to the person you want to ban.

What does it mean to block a page on Facebook?

Once you block a Page, that Page can no longer interact with your posts or like or reply to your comments. You won’t be able to post on the Page or message the Page. If you like or follow the Page, you’ll unlike and unfollow it.

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