How do I enable the print area in Excel?

Page Break Preview view allows you to fix the boundaries of the printable area of the document on all pages simultaneously. It also gives you a possibility to customize and optimize tables to the size and orientation of paper sheets.

In addition, this mode provides the most convenient preview before printing. You see all the document with the optimal scale, like miniatures of medium size. The situation is completely under your control. Let’s consider how to set, change, increase,
reduce, or delete the print area.

How to adjust a print area in Excel?

To enter the mode for managing borders and areas, you need to go to the «VIEW» tab and in the Workbooks View section, select the «Page Break Preview» tool.

The second option is to click on the third switch in the right side of the status bar of the Excel window.

How to change a print
area in Excel?

To define the print area, you need to set and fix the page layout boundaries that will separate all areas. To do this, click on the blue dotted line in the Page Break Preview view, and move it to the necessary position, holding down the left mouse button.

If the table goes beyond the white area, then everything in the gray area will not be printed. If you are
in a Page Break Preview view, and all data is located in the gray area, then you’ll receive a blank document when printing. You can manually remove the print area by dragging the border between the gray and white fields.

Do define the print area, you must set and adjust the boundaries. How to add borders (page breaks)? Click on the cell that is in the place where there should be a document break and choose the «Insert Page Break» option.

How to add only a vertical page break? Right-click on the column where the border will be laid, select the same option: «Insert Page Break». To insert a horizontal page break, you should act the same way: just click on the row header.

Note. There is the «Reset Print
Area» option in the context menu. It allows you to delete all document breaks and adjust the default settings. Use it to start all over again.

How to save print area settings?

All the settings of the areas can be saved in templates, the so-called «Custom Views». When you select the «Custom Views» tool, the Custom View manager is loaded.

To save this setting,
click the «Add» button. Enter its name and it will be in the list of custom views.

New versions of Excel (starting with Excel 2007) have effective tools for preparing documents for printing. An Excel document is more specific than a Word document in terms of organizing data for outputting to a printer. Therefore, in Excel, tools for setting up and preparing documents for printing have more

Last Updated on July 27, 2022

Printing a spreadsheet can be extremely frustrating if you don’t know how to properly set the print area in Excel.

Mastering this is a simple thing to do, and here we will talk you through the steps you will need to follow.

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How To Set A Print Area In Excel

Here are the steps that will help you to clear or set a print area in Excel:

Page Layout Tab

Select the Page Layout tab from along the top of the tab menu.

Next, click on the Print Area Icon.

Select Clear Print Area

Select Clear Print Area, this will clear any pre-existing settings.

Highlight Cells

Now, select, or highlight, the cells that you need to print.

Again, click on the Print Area Icon.

Set Print Area

From the drop-down menu select Set Print Area. The print area has now been set.

It is worthwhile setting this for each worksheet, to avoid any previous settings from interfering with new worksheets on Excel.

You can also check your page margins before printing to enable more of a worksheet to fit on a
sheet. This can be adjusted in the Margins section of the Page Layout tab.

How To Check Before Printing

Before printing, it is always worthwhile checking that your print area adjustments have been saved and also to prevent wasting paper on incorrect printings.

To check your worksheet before printing click on Print, next you will be able to see a print preview and make adjustments to the printer, pages to be printed, and so on.

you are happy press Print again for your worksheet to be sent to the printer. Alternatively, if you are working from a Windows device you can alternatively press Ctrl+P to bring up the Print mode screen.

How To Scale To Fit Before Printing

If you are printing a multi-paged worksheet, it may be useful to scale your page layout so that you can control what appears on pages and where. To do this you will simply need to adjust the width, height, or scale of the page layout.

will find the page layout tab as a selection on the upper tab on the worksheet page. Scale To Fit options will be the third section within the page layout tab.

If you want to print a two-page spreadsheet on one A4 piece of paper, select ‘one page’ beside the height or width dropdowns. Adjust the scale of the worksheets if you want to shrink or enlarge the worksheet to fit a specific print layout.

How To Set A Page Break For Multiple Page Prints

Setting a page break is a very
simple process and is often used when a worksheet has a lot of columns and rows.

To create a horizontal page break, highlight, or select, the row where you would like the page break to be.

To create a vertical break, repeat this step but with the column where you would like the page break to be placed.

After selecting the necessary row or column, click the Breaks icon in the Page Layout tab. Next, select Insert Page Break. The break can be removed again by repeating these
steps but selecting Remove Page Break.

Final Thoughts

Printing worksheets should no longer be a thing to dread as you now know to set the print area in Excel, how to create page breaks so that they don’t happen in inappropriate places, and you also know how to preview your worksheets before printing.

After repeating this process several times it will become much easier to remember. So you can say goodbye to wasting paper when printing
Excel worksheets.

Why is Excel print area not working?

If your Excel spreadsheet isn’t printing properly, clearing or setting a print area can often help. Sometimes the wrong print area has already been set, in which case you want to clear it. To do this from the Page Layout Ribbon, click the Print Area icon and select Clear Print Area.

Why is Excel not printing cell borders?

Under the Print sub-section, check the Gridlines option. That should do it.

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